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I’m doing something I really hate doing, and that’s contradicting a confession. My reason for doing this is because the subject is a very serious one, and I just can’t sit by and read this without speaking up. Firstly, let me address the Serena/Jenny incidents in the pilot. None of us will ever know for sure whether Chuck would have continued to force himself on Jenny or Serena had he not been pushed off. All we can judge is Chuck’s behavior after that point. We’ve never seen him attack a woman. There’s no pattern of sexual violence with him. This leads me to believe that his behavior in the pilot was more that of an entitled brat than a rapist. Rape is not an act of sex, but an act of power and control. Chuck has never shown this kind of behavior sexually. Furthermore, he apologized to Jenny in season 2. It was genuine and she forgave him. If she really felt violated by him she probably wouldn’t go near him again, but that’s just not the case.

Chuck and Serena are not only extremely close friends, but siblings. They’ve developed quite a closeness. If she really felt he was trying to rape her this would never have happened. The bottom line in these circumstances is that you may view them as attempted rape, they may even have been attempted rape, but based off of everything written after the pilot I can’t agree with you. Perhaps the writers didn’t know that Chuck would grow into a sympathetic character over the next few episodes when they wrote the pilot, and he was intended to be villainous, I don’t know. But he DID become root-worthy. All we can go off is the entire show for 5 years, and given everything he’s gone through, and yes, the remorse he’s shown for his mistakes, he’s become a sympathetic character.

Secondly, I’ll address the scene in this screencap since some people consider it abusive and an attempted rape as well. To be honest this completely baffles me. Chuck was lost, drunk, and desperate. His world was coming apart. Blair was the one person he thought would always love him, and she was leaving him for good. He thought her showing up there meant she was leaving Louis to be with him. That’s why he kissed her neck in the first place. When she mentioned the proposal he, in his desperation and fear of losing her, pulled her down on the couch. An invasion of her personal bubble? Sure. Rape? No. Because the second she said “stop it.” he stopped. How is that attempted rape? I didn’t know rapists stopped when you ask them to. He then punched the glass. NOT Blair. Yes, it ACCIDENTALLY left a tiny cut on her face, but it was in fact an accident. Chuck didn’t attempt to stop her from leaving after that. Again, not the typical action of a rapist. He’s obviously much stronger physically than her. If he wanted to rape her, he would have continued to hold her down, but he didn’t. I think his punching the glass was his defeat. He knew he had lost her and was trying to hurt himself physically to distract from the emotional pain he was feeling.

Bottom line is that Chuck has been there to help pretty much every single character on the show at one point. When Jack was trying to rape Lily, it was Chuck who stopped him. Mr. Pro Rape beat the tar out of the man who tried to rape his stepmom. He helped Jenny with the drug dealer situation in season 3, he has constantly been a support system for Serena, and has always helped Blair, giving her a dream prom, helping her get into Columbia, saving her from Raina’s dad, paying her dowry so she could be free (to be with another man I might add), etc. Chuck is a flawed character. He’s made many mistakes. But he has apologized and suffered for all of them. To me that earns forgiveness. I may not view some of his actions in the same light as you do, but even if I did, remorse matters to me. Growth of character matters to me. I believe in redemption. I believe people grow and evolve. Chuck has clearly done that.

Bless that rebuttal. ^ So many people just open their mouths these days and don’t realize that what they’re actually saying is wrong. They don’t realize that their actions are hurting people around them who actually suffer from this type of treatment on a day to day basis. 

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