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Favorite Chuck and Blair Scenes 7/

"And most of all I’m sorry I gave up on us, when you never did."

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So, I decided to re-do by FIRST ever Chuck and Blair graphic. Of course my first CB graphic was one of the limo scene because the episode had just aired when I fell for them. Here’s the original one (I’m so ashamed) X

For details about Limoversary read this & this.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the 2014 Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Hosts Angel Ball (20/10/2014)

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I should be over all the butterflies, but I’m into you
And baby even on our worst nights, I’m into you
Let ‘em wonder how we got this far, cause I don’t really need to wonder at all

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serena as blair, 1x04 and 5x23

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Look how far we’ve come

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He needs me.

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  • Blair touching Chuck’s cheek. 1/3

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